Avirov is one of the leading providers of innovative, high-value IT solutions that work.

Avirov IT Solutions is one of the leading providers of innovative, high-value IT solutions that work. We have helped companies of all sizes and from different industries move forward and maintain momentum by capitalizing on the latest technology that IR 4.0 has to offer. From servers, storage systems and inventory/warehouse management to networking and production & process automation, we deliver dedicated software tailored to successfully manage your extensive operations so that you enjoy better returns on investment.

Avirov IT Solutions is proud to be an authorized value-added distributor for innovative and leading IT services -a well-established digital solutions provider and industry leader catering to a globally diversified clientele base. The company draws on its years of experience to develop bespoke solutions and integrated systems that help businesses undergo a seamless digital transformation. Connect with us today to get access to a full portfolio of technology products, services and software applications that help leverage your business.

Our Services

Having Avirov IT Solutions by your side enables you to adopt or even integrate exclusive, game-changing solutions that are built from scratch for meeting your unique goals.

Customized Solutions

While off-the-shelf applications are designed to meet a specific need of diverse buyers, our custom software development guarantees to accommodate your exclusive yet multiple needs. Personalized IT solutions ensure that your software is adapted to improve your daily processes and efficiently handle the obstacles that may come, thereby optimizing your whole business flow. Ease of operation and freedom in defining the functioning of your software are some of the many advantages that come with customization.

Application Maintenance & Support

You can count on our highly-skilled and experienced IT professionals to provide continued IT application maintenance and round-the-clock support services. We ensure that the IT team working with you holds in-depth knowledge in the related field. No matter what issues and obstacles arise, we can solve them in time.

Outsourced Product Development

We have the domain expertise required to provide outsourced product development services and can collaborate with you to meet your ongoing requirements. Our services can help you redesign, improve, and further develop your existing software applications with the goal of achieving a seamless workflow in your business operations.

Custom Application Development

One of the many advantages of custom development of applications/software is that it does away with complexity in data visualization and enables you in project planning. Personalized systems are not only easy to work with but also come with further customization features, giving you the freedom and convenience to optimize the working of your software.

App & Business Solutions

Work with dedicated app developers who have the knowledge of your industry and the expertise of turning ideas into secure and agile mobile solutions. By leveraging current trends and technologies, we create polished UI/UX designs that not only understand how the end-users feel but also recognize their unmet needs. We aim to empower every business with an app that attracts customers through its striking design and evokes their loyalty by fulfilling their final goal.

Learning Management System

Learning Management System is a unified marketplace that opens the door to one of the largest inventory of content and provides you easy access to books, journals, thesis, audio files, videos, multimedia and all the other forms of content. Its customization features help teachers, professors, government officials, professionals, researchers, freelancers, and other entities find high-quality resources in a jiffy. The platform also facilitates sharing of information by allowing like-minded people to connect.

Cyber Security

As your cyber solutions partner, we aim to strengthen your security posture and reduce the risk posed by the Internet of Things. Through the implementation of software-as-a-service over in-house applications, we ensure that threats are detected and dealt with promptly.

Cloud Computing

Enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud computing while taming the chaos of the cloud with advanced infrastructure solutions. Customized cloud products help you mitigate the challenges of data management, ensure protection and extract more value out of your data assets.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality solutions is a breakthrough in the quest of simplifying tedious processes and methods. From virtual tours of properties to remote assistance in manufacturing units to try-on 3D products in retail, our AR solutions are helping businesses create a truly immersive experience for their customers.


Blockchain is an avant-garde record-keeping model with unbeatable security and is powered by blockchain technology. It provides a well-structured and easily accessible database to store critical digital assets such as college degrees, land titles, intellectual properties, ownership certificates, and more. Being a cloud-based platform, it also makes tracking and sharing highly convenient and secure. Blockchain can also be employed for efficiently managing supply chain activities as well as for self-executing contracts, and thus automating the verification and distribution of digital documents.

Health Care Application

The healthcare mobile app and system primarily empowers companies to offer their employees a convenient platform where they can quickly avail healthcare coverage. From tracking their medical claims to searching for the network of panel healthcare providers in the vicinity and locating them through GPS direction map guide, everything can be done on the mobile app. The healthcare app also caters to corporate business, clinics & hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies in their functioning.

Payment Gateway

The state-of-the-art payment gateway aims to make transactions effortless, cashless, ticketless and secure. It is an e-wallet platform wherein you find unbreachable QR codes in place of cash. It enables users to make payments at the touch of a button for virtually all their needs. It is integrated with all major banks and various e-money vendors, making the payment gateway easy to use. The company is also offering customized solutions that aid in parking management, building management, and cashless business by recognizing transactions made through the payment gateway.

Digital Ecommerce

These unprecedented times have made us realize the hard way that digital adoption is indispensable, now more than ever. We are a full-service ecommerce agency committed to helping small, medium and thriving businesses grow online. Whether you are unhappy with your existing ecommerce site or looking to build one for the first time, we can help you devise, develop, and maintain your business’s ecommerce marketing goals and sell more.


We are in the midst of a new phase of the Industrial Revolution that is merging manual/physical operations with smart

Industry 4.0

We are in the midst of a new phase of the Industrial Revolution that is merging manual/physical operations with smart technologies. It encompasses Big Data to create a more integrated and connected ecosystem that gives real-time insights across multiple processes, platforms, products and partners. Industry 4.0 is here to automate operations and revolutionize the way businesses function and grow.

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